I am Malick Fairoz, doing my Master’s in Information Systems at Northeastern University. I am also the Graduate Student Ambassador for IS.

I chose to do my Master’s at Northeastern, for its well-designed course curriculum, experienced faculty members, co-op training facility, sophisticated infrastructure and the ideal location for a tech student.

The university has a state-of-the-art library, which functions 24×7, segregated for study groups and individuals according to noise levels, ergonomic furniture’s and highly configured workstations. I had access to unlimited software resources, high-speed wifi across the university and online courses for free, which helped me a great deal to complete my projects and assignments efficiently. The “resnet” service center, is a savior in times of trials when my laptop malfunctions or whenever I need any hardware help. Some days, I had to work late in the library to meet deadlines and loved how the RedEye service was there to safely drop me at my doorstep.

One of my current courses, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, provided me with complete exposure to broad range of on-demand tools on a multi-dimensional basis for every technology. Prof. Richard Sherman, with more than 35 years of industrial experience in this course, used to share his anecdotes and real-time scenarios during his lectures, that gave me strong conceptual knowledge on the subject and the confidence to face any technical challenge.

The best feature about Northeastern, in my opinion, is the co-op program. The co-op education course, has the power to transform an amateur into an immaculate professional. It prepared me on all nuances of office ethics, personal and communication manners to meet the industrial expectations and needs. Prof. Maricla Pirozzi, my co-op manager, had been a constant motivation throughout my job search, by spending time with me to discover my potential and learn more about my capabilities and career interests. This helped me find the job openings that matched with my requirements perfectly.

My journey of Co-op search, was an interesting one. Being a Northeastern Student had its perks, that I had the privilege of accessing the NUCareers, an exclusive job portal for students of the university. There were a lot of information sessions conducted regularly for different streams, where industrial people met us and gave an overview of their company’s requirements and work-style. This exposure gave me the advantage of networking with people from the corporate environment and learn the different work styles across multiple streams.

Apart from the technical knowledge acquired, I haven’t turned outside the campus for any recreation, since I found the best relaxation and fitness spots within the university. My favorite spots in the campus are the peaceful Koi pond, colorful centennial commons and the curry recreational room for all the crazy games to unwind myself and relax. My summer favorite is the indoor swimming pool at Cabot cage, Marino’s gym and the energetic student clubs and communities that show you the way to serve and connect with the people around.

As a student ambassador, I had the opportunity to reach out to the potential and current students. I am glad that I could help them out with my experience as a master’s student and guide them through the various levels of education and lifestyle in Boston. I am thankful that I can expand my network and exchange ideas with people from different backgrounds, cultures and career interests.

Overall, my master’s experience had left on me a long-lasting impact and great friends from different backgrounds, that I am proud and blessed to carry along to my future.

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