Boston is a food lovers haven, since it has a range of rich cuisines from around the world. The following is a quick blog by Zongkai Li, his take on great chinese food in and around Boston.

“Few things are more exciting than finding what seems like perfect as a foodie. There is no doubt that Chinese BBQ is this kind of must-follow food, which does not only include traditional meat like lamb, beef, but also includes fish, bullfrog, even pettitoes or some others kind of “strange” meat. Maybe these kinds of meat are weird for you. Maybe you have never eaten these before. If you are a foodie like me, you will never ever miss this impressive kind of food. Trust me. It can fully satisfy your taste.

Before coming to Boston, I have been lived in the U.S. for three years and taste various delicacies in many states. As a Chinese, there is no doubt that Chinese restaurant will be my first choice. Perhaps because of my Chinese tongue. Lol. During all these more than 3 years, the Chinese barbecue located in Boston is one of the most impressive restaurant. It brings me the kind of Chinese taste like living in China.

The appetizer of Chinese BBQ is always simple, like peanuts, soybeans or Liangpi ( a noodle with Chinese characteristics), and you cannot miss Liangpi here, which also includes gluten, as long as you want to try what we eat in China.

Liangpi, gluten, cean sprout and carrots mixed with unique sauce. With its own smooth taste as well as the fragrance of vegetables, it is unforgettable. If you want to order an appetizer, Liangpi is definitely your best choice.

As the most important part of Chinese BBQ, skewers determine the quality of a Chinese BBQ. Of all the meat, my favorite dish is lamb, which is also the best part of this restaurant. It really tastes like Chinese style BBQ just like I am in Beijing or some other cities in China. Each time I went there, the heat control of lamb skewers is always perfect, which means it is really tasty rather than greasy or dry or hard to swallow.

Perhaps because of the excellent heat control or the perfect unique sauce, you will never miss pettitoes, either. For most people, they may have never eaten pettitoes before, however, pettitoes is really worth to tasting. Pettitoes, which is full of collagen, is good for your skin. Barbecue is a perfect way to cook it. It tastes fat but not greasy and the meat was spiced and fragrant, charred outside and red and juicy within.

In the staple food, braised chicken rice is also a must-have food. In short, it really allows me to recall the days in China, recalling the Chinese taste. But it will be a little spicy, I hope you can accept.

There are plenty of things worthy to recommending in this restaurant, such as tofu, spicy hot pot, etc. However, those may be my next recommendation, maybe you can try it out too.

There is no doubt that the delicious Chinese barbecue is not a simple few paragraphs can be described, I hope you have the opportunity to go to China, so that they can truly feel Chinese taste. However, if you feel too far, this Chinese restaurant in the Boston will undoubtedly be a good choice for you.

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