Written by: Manan Shukla & Astha Rastogi

What are the job opportunities after MSEM?
  • Engineering managers occupy a unique position in their industry. They combine their management expertise with engineering knowledge to lead teams of specialists in highly technical tasks.
  • The breadth of this domain is one of the most attractive facets of this program, they include:
    • Project Management
    • Supply Chain Engineering/ Management
    • Data/Business Analytics
    • Product development
How does the Co-op program really work ?
  • Co-op is an experiential learning experience where in the students get to work with firms and get hands-on experience of the latest trends.
  • You are eligible to look for a co-op anywhere in the United States of America.
  • Also, Northeastern University provides you with the opportunity of going on an international co-op.
  • The university provides numerous resources such as NU Careers, Career development services, Career Fairs (Fall and Spring) etc. to ease the co-op search strategy for students.
How many students get Co-op and what is the duration and pay?
  • One is eligible to go on a co-op after completion of 16 credits (2 semesters).
  • The general co-op duration is 4/6/8 months which you can start from summer, fall and spring.
  • Every student is allowed to do only one co-op during the masters program.
  • On an average nearly 60% of the students manage to attain a co-op.
  • The co-ops are paid and it varies from $20-$35/ hour.
Suggested courses for the 1st semester
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Operations Research
  • Career Management for Engineers (ENCP6000)
  • These courses are highly recommended as they serve as a prerequisite for electives in the following semester.
    ***These are just suggestions from your ambassadors. (NOT NECESSARY)

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