I am going to share with you some of the things and feelings that I experienced in my Life in the United States. Probably this will help you prepare for your experiences. It’s a beautiful life here as a student. There’s great culture in the city of Boston. There’s a lot to do, it’s a team adventure and leader is you. Make sure you pack some warm clothes, you’re going to need them. There are lot of great people you will meet. You will know yourself, the person within. Get ready, your journey is about to begin. This ode is from the minute your flight lands and all the general experiences of a student at Northeastern.

If you’re lucky enough you are definitely gonna find snow,
Let me tell you a story to Live, Learn and eventually grow.
You will be excited to see people who are not like you,
You will feel sky is mostly dark and not every time blue.
An exciting adventure will have chills in your spine,
Don’t get scared, it’s just beginning, you’ll be fine.
You will see new faces the first day you dine,
They will soon become family and you’ll be fine.
You will miss your family and probably start to whine,
You are just growing up and so listen, you’ll be fine.
Enjoy your beautiful days and see the city,
Love your life here and cherish its beauty.
Students who come here are super smart,
Be ready, your classes are about to start.

© Northeastern University

You will realize there is a lot you still have to learn,
The awesome people here will really make it fun.
Whenever you don’t know what to do, don’t worry,
We’ve got plenty to do at the Student Center, Curry.
But one place will be your life and primary,
Assignments are done best when in the Library.
You won’t love it all the time but it will be heaven,
When it’s cold and you know Library’s open 24×7.
Lot of people here try to be in shape and are slim,
New semesters always see lot of people in the gym.
You better work hard and try to stay on top,
You will soon be finding internship and co-op.
Co-op is something where there’s a lot to learn,
Time flies by quick, it will soon be time to return.
Between them will be life of ice hockey and football,
Always shout out NU, that’s the basic protocol.
Life isn’t always black and white like in chess,
There will be colors but be ready to handle stress.
Sing, Laugh, Love, Dance like the Harlem-shake,
Soon, friends will bring you a graduation cake.
That’s when you will realize you will soon have to go,
Time won’t seem to go back, nor will it be slow.
It will be an amazing experience and you will begin to sob,
Life won’t be like school anymore, you’ll have to go for job.
We welcome you to an amazing school of diversity,
We welcome you to Northeastern University!

It won’t be all sunshine and rainbow, get ready for your adventure. You can always talk to us whenever you feel like. We are all a big family here. We wish you the best for your experience at the graduate school.

Welcome to Northeastern University.

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