I graduated in China with my bachelor degree of Mechanical Engineering so I’ve taken a lot of courses about mechanical systems or mechanical design during my undergraduate. To pursue my master degree, I wanted to find a program that would let me leverage my technical background but also get into the management and optimization field of engineering. Industrial Engineering Program in Northeastern University is a great fit for me because it offers multiple options for us. We can focus on different fields of industries such as supply chain, data analysis or manufacturing as we want. And another amazing thing for graduate students in Graduate School of Engineering is the Graduate Certificate Programs. The Graduate Certificate Programs are stacked credentialing, which means we can complete the certificate required coursework as a part of our engineering degree. According to corresponding degree programs in Graduate School of Engineering, students are allowed to double count up to 2 or 4 courses. As a master student in Industrial Engineering, I’m able to double count 4 courses so I can pursue my master degree and graduate certificate at the same time and don’t need to spend extra money or time on that. Currently, I’m pursuing graduate certificate in Engineering Economic Decision Making, which focuses on developing decision making skills in engineering operations and projects. I can learn not only how to be an engineer but also get opportunities to apply the fundamentals of engineering knowledge in a management setting like how to manage engineering projects and make profits for the company. And with the help of the graduate certificate background, I got an internship in Ford Credit this summer, working in IT department for project management. Besides Engineering Economic Decision Making Certificate, there are 17 different graduate certificate programs in different fields of engineering so we can advance our career and knowledge by choosing different certificate focuses, which would be very helpful for our future development.

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