Why COE students are excited for NU to reopen on-ground!

By Karan Shah, Data Analytics Engineering Ambassador

In these strange times, the world holds itself, incredible individuals are carrying out the weight of the world on their shoulders, running everything as we know. Northeastern University is one of the five universities helping the CDC with Covid-19 research and has opened its dorms to assist the staff working at hospitals in Boston. Northeastern University is helping fight this pandemic with all the resources it can offer.

There lies hope in our future, and students are positive that they’ll be able to return to the campus for the Fall 2020 semester. Attending the university, especially at the graduate level is a monumental part of anyone’s life. It takes great strength to return to studying after completing bachelors, and the university is wholeheartedly prepared to welcome everyone this Fall. When on-campus, one can see students socializing at Krentzman Quadrangle, or a movie being played at Centennial Commons. There is so much to do on-campus, bored? Head to Paws/Play, the game room for entertainment; there’s snooker, Table Tennis, PlayStation, Xbox, even Nintendo switch! Hit the gym at Marino Center, Squash Busters or Cabot! Hungry? Visit the Curry Student Center. Snell Library is open 24 hours and is equipped with the latest technology to assist students with studying!

The real university experience, in addition to the above-mentioned things, lies in networking. For example, Career Studio located at Sterns Center offers career services, is ranked #4 in the United States. It hosts various events where students have the opportunity to meet working professionals from various industries. Having access to mentors working in field of one’s interest is something which is rare, and extremely useful. The university hosts bi-annual career fairs where hiring teams from several companies meet and interact with students, which is a marvelous experience in itself.

From college fairs, to inter-university competitions, Northeastern University offers an experience second to none. From the co-op search to the experience of working between semesters, the campus life, and strong alumni network for after graduation, students are eagerly waiting to return to campus to experience belongingness provided by our beloved university.

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