Starting a new life in a new city or country could be an overwhelming feeling when you first arrive. However, the best way to overcome this feeling often lies in finding a place to resume our sports activity; to be a part of a team again. Northeastern University provides exceptional resources and facilities when it comes to sports and recreation. If you have a sport in mind, the university has a facility or a club for it.


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Badger and Rosen SquashBusters Facility is the ideal place for students who are interested in the sport of Squash. This facility has 8 state of the art squash courts which can be reserved beforehand or on the spot depending on the availability of the courts. The facility also provides students with free squash rackets and balls to enjoy the sport. This is definitely one of the hot spots for sports on the campus especially during the winters when the outdoor recreational activities are scarce in number.

Northeastern University Cricket Club

Cricket Club
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In 2012, a group of Northeastern student from different parts of the world came together to form the association to achieve a common goal of representing the university at a national level in the sport of cricket. This would be the ideal place to start for cricket enthusiasts who wish to pursue their passion for the sport upon moving here.

Badminton Team

Badminton Court
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If badminton is your sport, you should definitely participate in the intramural badminton competitions at Cabot Track, which is open to all. A match usually consists of the best of three rule. At the end each the match, the teams can report their scores to the intramural staff member.


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With over 4 billion followers in the world, soccer is by far the most popular sport. You can always find students playing futsal (indoor football) at the Marino Centre every night till closing. Usually played 5 aside, multiple teams are formed and compete at the indoor court with a first to reach 2 goals rule. The indoor facility is open all year round making it the perfect place to be during the winters. For a more outdoor option, Clement Field is the place to be. While it is not a part of the Northeastern Campus, the field is perfect for an 11 aside match, the way the sport is meant to be played. You can also play soccer at Cabot Center by checking the schedule online for open hours when it is open to all students. Don’t forget to support the Huskies at Parsons Field when the soccer season starts.


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Cabot Centre is the place to be for students who enjoy swimming. Students must check the schedule for Cabot Center open swimming hours online when it is open to all students. The 25-yard indoor pool with a diving section is an oasis for people who love to swim.


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The Marino center has 3 Basketball courts which are open to all students making it the ideal place for basketball enthusiasts. You can bring your squad along with you or easily join an ongoing game with your fellow students. Apart from this, The Clement Field is another option to enjoy the sport which is located outside the campus. No better way to meet people from different colleges and cultures and bond with them through the mutual love for the sport.


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When the weather is warm, tudents can also indulge in a relaxing session of kayaking at the Charles Canoe and kayak which is approximately 2.5 miles from the university campus. Enjoy the beautiful skyline of Boston while kayaking in the ever so mesmerizing Charles River. This option is open throughout spring and most of the fall.

The facilities and options for sports do not end with the ones mentioned above. Northeastern has 4 main sports and recreational centers.

Marino Center

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The Marino Center which has state of the art fitness and recreation amenities is an 81,000 square-foot building that was voted one of the top ten recreational facilities in the country. The facility is comprised of three basketball courts, one of which can be used for other activities such as volleyball, badminton, roller hockey, and futsal. The 3,800 sqft multipurpose room is used for aerobics classes and martial arts clubs which is again open for all Northeastern students. The facility also comprises a fitness center which has all sorts of equipment such as stair climbers, treadmills, upright and recumbent exercise bikes, cross-country ski machines, rowing ergometers, elliptical climbers. The facility also comprises of a fully equipped weight room and a three-lane track for either walking or jogging.

Matthews Arena

Home of the Huskies, this stadium is the home for the men’s ice hockey and basketball team and women’s ice hockey team. Every student must visit and support the Huskies without fail. The matches are free of charge for Northeastern students. More reason to enjoy the beautiful sports and to support our teams!

Badger and Rosen SquashBusters Facility

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This facility has 8 state of the art squash courts which are accessible to every Northeastern student. The facility also comprises a gym and a multipurpose room which can be used by martial arts clubs and aerobics classes.

Cabot Center

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While this center is mostly reserved for the athletes representing the college in various sports, it is open to all the students during specific open hours to all the students. The schedule for the open hours is conveniently made available online. The center comprises of 2 racquetball/volleyball courts, indoor track, indoor soccer field and a 25-yard indoor swimming pool with a diving section.

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