Sirisha (Siri) is current student and ambassador for Information System program from college of engineering. It’s been more than a year now and she is here to share her experience as a NEU Student and what made her to choose IS program.

What made you to choose Information System program from Seattle Campus?

I wanted to learn latest programming languages, building applications, web apps, big data, Machine learning, cloud computing technologies and so on. While applying for NEU IS program I was going through courses and their description. All the courses listed are core concepts to land into any developer jobs. The courses make you industry ready. That made me to choose Information system program.

Is Management Information System same as Information System program?

Nope they are different. I have often seen people getting confused with MIS and IS program. Management Information System program is more towards management courses and less technical courses whereas IS is more towards technical side.

Which jobs roles you can apply for?

Based on course structure you can apply for Software Developer Engineer roles, Web developer, Full-stack developer, Database developer, Data Analyst, Cloud Architect, Business Analyst, Data Science, Big Data Developer and many more. It also depends on how you choose your electives and shape your technical skills.

What should I consider while choosing a program to apply at university?

Sometimes the degree name may be misleading. Make sure to go through courses offered and its description and plan your required and electives accordingly. Reach out to student alumni or program advisor for detailed description and clarification.

How to plan what course to choose each semester?

Based on what job roles you plan to apply, make a list of courses you want to learn before graduating. Each semester you will be offered different courses and choose the one which is in your list. It’s always recommended to take the course when offered as it’s not sure next when will it be offered.

How is the IS program keeping up with industry needs?

Every semester new courses added based on current trends and demand. Recently, there is huge rise in Big data technologies, Cloud computing, Machine learning and data science roles. IS students have been offered with all of these courses to acquire those skills.

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