Andres is in his 2nd year of the PhD Program in Chemical Engineering

Brief introduction:

I earned my bachelor’s in chemical engineering and before I enrolled for my PhD I worked on applied fields for more than seven years. During these years I was involved in numerous positions, from being an assistant to a manager and having the direct responsibility for industrial scale projects.
For my PhD I was previously accepted in Louisiana State University where I completed all my core courses during the first year. Then, I transferred to NEU with my Advisor where I currently continue my research.

What is your current research focus at Northeastern?

My advisor is Professor Francisco Hung. My current research is about molecular dynamics computer simulation and it is focused in the study of hydrophobins (natural surface-active proteins abundantly produced by filamentous fungi) and its application to emulsify oil spills to minimize/mitigate water contamination. These emulsification consists of oil blobs created by the hydrophobins. The size of these blobs is too small to be seen and analyzed by experimental method.

How would you describe the research facilities in terms of infrastructure and variety at Northeastern?

I like my office and the computational resources my advisor provides me are very well suitable for my requirements. We also work with NEU High Performance Computers, which are a valuable tool and is undergoing constant improvements to provide better service to its users.

What are your plans for the future after you graduate?

I am between two pathways. First, return to heavy chemical industry. Second, apply for a post-doctorate to continue my profession as a research professor.

Any advice for incoming Ph.D./master’s students you would like to share?

Research life is fascinating. The fact that you are always solving problems makes you very proactive and self-discipline. Mainly no routine can be achieved during you PhD studies.

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