Hello Huskies,

We are pleased to announce that COE Graduate Student Ambassadors are expanding our social media presence with LinkedIn and Twitter! The student ambassadors offer a glimpse into life as a current Husky and deliver the student perspective of graduate school. Ambassadors engage the community while demonstrating educational excellence and maintaining a high level of campus involvement in the College of Engineering and within the entire University.

LINKEDIN (Northeastern University COE Graduate Ambassadors | LinkedIn)

With the LinkedIn account (Northeastern University COE Graduate Ambassadors | LinkedIn), now you can find your course related ambassadors in the account’s connection list. And to ask a question, just go to the above account and send a message you will get connected with the ambassadors. The mission of the LinkedIn account is to give prospective students an easier way to get connected to the ambassadors and get their questions answered.

The LinkedIn page (https://www.linkedin.com/company/neu-coe-student-ambassadors/about/ ) gives you all the latest COE and University related updates and has information for the upcoming events. Make sure to follow the LinkedIn page to not miss out any updates.

TWITTER (https://twitter.com/ambassadors_coe)

Twitter has always been an extrinsic platform for broadcasting information. Having the COE ambassador account on Twitter will not only increase accessibility to all the students for gaining as much information from the student ambassadors but will help reach out to students by just asking questions through tweets. The mission of Twitter account is to outreach about all the informative sessions that COE department arranges for the current and incoming Huskies.

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