I am an Information Systems Graduate from Northeastern University. I am passionate about Data Analytics/Data Science. I have experience as a Data Analyst which was the driving force that made me pursue Master’s to improvise my existing skill set. I am a trained classical singer and very passionate about singing. I also enjoy travelling and exploring new places and food joints.

While I was applying to many Universities across USA for Master’s degree, Northeastern was naturally my first choice. I was totally elated when I got an admit for Information Systems as Northeastern was one of the Universities I wished to get an admit from. This was mainly because of the extensive coursework that the University offers for Information Systems. There are 8 different tracks that IS offers and every track has loads of opportunities. Every year courses keep getting updated and expanded which increases the horizon of opportunities. I wanted to learn more about Data Analytics coupled with being able to learn about the technical aspects of IS. Since I was also working as a Data Analyst in Business Intelligence, I wanted to know more about BI too. IS offers courses related to Data Analytics, Data Science, BI and Software Development. This seemed perfect for me considering my experience and interests. Northeastern not only gave me a great platform for realizing my career goals but also gave me a lot of opportunities to pursue my passion of singing.

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The university hosts a lot of cultural events for people from all cultural backgrounds. It provides a dynamic environment like no other. The faculty take immense interest in our career and they do all they can in helping Students get the perfect job. My Co-op advisor goes out of her way in ensuring all Students get placed in good Co-ops. She gave personal attention to students who had a challenging time with the Co-op search. Almost more than 92 percent of them end of with amazing jobs. I used to meet my Co-op advisor every month to get to know more about the incoming companies and the positions they offer. Northeastern is certainly the University I will recommend to any Student with no second thoughts. It has an amazingly diverse population with a lot of fun activities for people from all cultural backgrounds and it is rest assured that you are in safe hands, as every individual student is valued here.

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